Yankee Tigress Series

White supremacy in America started with the importation of the first African slave.

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Yankee Tigress: A series about women treading in areas of a society where men dared them to walk. It’s Roots meets To Kill a Mockingbird and “Me Too” meets “Black Lives Matter”

“It’s challenging for a woman in 1862 to achieve anything beyond motherhood … but not impossible.” Sam Lee, Esquire, Attorney-at-Law

Samantha Lee apprentices to take the Maryland Bar exam to become the first female lawyer in the country. A staunch abolitionist from a plantation-owning family, her ambitions in jurisprudence are interrupted by the Civil War. She is torn between the decision to practice law and one of a more violent nature.


Yankee Tigress 2: Tiger Burning Bright (1862-63)

“The difference between Hell and war is that Hell is a bit friendlier.” Captain Samuel Lee

Samantha Lee trains for and goes to war disguised as male Union Captain Samuel Lee, a company commander in the Maryland Old-Line Regiment. Also an attorney, she is assigned a military case concerning a transgendered man caught impersonating a Union officer on three occasions. The army wants to prosecute the imposter to the fullest extent of the law in a civilian court to discourage other women from doing the same. Explosions dominate in the courtroom as well as on the battlefield.

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Yankee Tigress 3: The Action of the Tiger (1863-65) [in progress as of 6-1-24]

“Whenever I hear a discussion championing slavery, I imagine the participants being sold on the slave auction block.”  Samantha Lee, Esq.

Abraham Lincoln gives Samantha Lee command of a small army to locate and reinforce General Sherman’s army after it burns Atlanta and heads deep into Georgia. She joins her small army with an inadequate Union force already planted in Florida and disrupts supply lines coming up from that state. At war’s end, she returns to her father’s plantation to try to re-establish herself as a successful attorney. Her prime directive is to protect the newfound rights of freed slaves.


Yankee Tigress Novel Series Characters

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Samantha Lee, Esquire

Samantha, born onto the wealthiest plantation in the State of Maryland, grew up under her mother’s influence on the subject of slavery. Though Sam was influenced by her mother’s mild abolitionism, Sam’s radical brand became an irritant to her father, especially after her mother died of Brain Fever in the summer of 1859. Besides slavery, she despises Marcus and John, her two older brothers. She bonded with George, the younger brother by a year. They grew up together, though their relationship became strained over slavery politics.

Union Captain Samuel Lee


Marcus Lee

Nearly thirty, Marcus is a scoundrel with no redeeming morals. Sam caught him fornicating with a 12-year-old slave girl. In defending herself during a heated argument with her father over whipping the overseer, she found him incapable of believing Marcus would partake in such a vile act.


John Lee

A few years younger than Marcus, John is the second oldest sibling. He’s crafty, cunning, witty, and aloof. He prefers to stay in the background. Sam once said of him, “Your one flaw is that you sit back and observe. You are rather given to being any stage play’s best audience.” His most redeeming quality is that he doesn’t practice slave fornication like his older brother.


George Lee

George is 21, one year younger than Sam. They grew up together and bonded like a sister and brother should. With the advent of slave politics, it strained their relationship. The three brothers hold staunch pro-slavery sentiments and desire to join the Confederate Army after the fall harvest.


Terrance Lee

Sam’s father, the owner of the Harmony House Plantation, the largest and most prosperous in the State of Maryland, sits just east of Baltimore near Germantown. He is a harsh and shrewd businessman. A year after his wife’s death in 1859, Sam requested that she serve a two-year apprenticeship to take the Maryland Bar Exam. Everyone thought the idea preposterous, but Terrence decided it would keep her occupied and calm until he could find her a wealthy husband. No one except Sam ever thought it would be taken seriously.


Mr. Jarvis

Harmony House’s cruel overseer. Besides whipping the slaves, he fornicates with the females. Terrence is blind to all his debauchery and maintains his faith in Mr. Jarvis’s ability to keep his plantation running. Sam found herself barely able to tolerate Mr. Jarvis’s cruel treatment of the slaves during the three years since her mother’s death. At the outset of the story, she snaps and interferes in the overseer’s whipping of a kitchen slave. She turns the tables and whips Mr. Jarvis, which puts her in deep trouble with her father.



Esmeralda is Sam’s lady’s maid slave. She was 6 when Sam was born, and they became playmates until Sam was old enough to have a lady’s maid. Esmeralda, besides the butler, is the only other slave who speaks close to educated English. Sam was allowed to teach her “proper speech.” She attempted to help Esmeralda and a sexually abused slave girl escape. They headed to the underground railroad in Pennsylvania in a wagon through highly guarded territory.


Rebecca Howard

Sam’s best friend and nearest neighbor. She and her three sisters were raised on Mr. Howard’s Mont Amity Plantation. Rebecca, Charlotte, and Betsy Howard still live with their parents. The eldest daughter married, moved to the western side of Baltimore, and had a baby girl. A year younger than Sam, they met at five and six and bonded instantly. Rebecca has a sweet, non-confrontational personality. She feels that Sam will do important things and Rebecca’s fondest desire is to help her best friend achieve greatness. Growing up, Rebecca had a secret crush on George Lee. The three children played together often. There are a few flashback scenes of their youth in the first part of Yankee Tigress 1.


Sally McAllister

In Yankee Tigress 2, Sam meets Sally trying to sign up with the Maryland Old-Line Regiment in training camp. When the regimental commander refuses, Sam offers a compromise. She, as Captain Samuel Lee, is willing to sponsor Sally as the Company C vivandier (Daughter of the Regiment). They become fast friends, but Sam keeps her own gender a secret. Sally is from Western Maryland in the Appalachian Mountains and speaks with a crude dialect. However, coming from her bubbling personality, it seems quaint. It is discovered soon enough that her background is one of a highly abusive nature, masterminded by her morally corrupt father who mistreated all three of his daughters.


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