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English Alice fell in a hole, wandered through Wonderland, a world turned upside down, and survived it. Now, she’s fallen into an abyss and is wandering through Trump’s chaotic Swampland, a land turned inside out. Can she survive it?

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Coming in autumn 2020 … the first 3 novels of:



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Three books of the nine-novel series of Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Adventures will be published in the autumn of 2020. Six more to follow.

“Fiction that is on its way to becoming fact!”

If you think the election of Donald Trump will lead to the undermining of the greatest democracy on Earth, then you should see what the future could look like 700 years after his election as the last President of the United Stateswhere it’s George Orwell’s 1984 meets The Hunger Gamesonly without the games. It is a nightmarish scenario where history has culminated in seven centuries of wealth exploiting poverty! Well—what if poverty fights back?


“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

1984 by George Orwell


“I’m so tired of being hungry. To be free to live and enjoy life is almost beyond my comprehension. To have others look at me and see an equal would be a magnificent luxury. But the reality is … starvation is our livelihood, fear is our security, and hopelessness is our dignity. There is no hope … or is there?”

Electra of Bawl Mehr – In the year 665 P.B. (Post Bellum – 2730 by the old calendar)

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