Albacron Series


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First in a Series [all completed!]

The Heart of the One: If you think an election can lead to the undermining of the greatest democracy on Earth, then you should see what the future could look like 700 years after the last President of the United States was electedwhere it’s George Orwell’s 1984 meets The Hunger Gamesonly without the games. A nightmarish scenario where history has culminated in seven centuries of wealth exploiting poverty! Well—what if poverty fights back?

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The Keepers of Tyranny: Second in the Albacron series. After 700 years of a golden age for the elite … after 700 years of another dark age for the destitute … what if the rich became complacent? What if the poor awakened to reality? How would the formula change? It may cause an upheaval in the balance of power in Albacron … or will it?

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The Guardians of Justice: Third in the Albacron series. Nine years of peace have passed. Electra, a leader in her Roswell community, was quoted as saying in a council meeting, “Why can’t the world be a wonderful place? Why must some people always want more than everyone else, to live better than everyone else, to be superior to everyone else?” Albacron has been breaking its agreements. Vercundi villages suffer. And now–only a second liberation can bring absolute freedom.

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The Others: Having absorbed Albacron into a new America, six years later, Electra and her former Albacronian slaves make a startling discovery. They are not alone on the North American continent. There is another political entity … “The Others.” Now, “The Others” have discovered them. They happened upon a river outing with Electra’s relatives and kidnapped them. Not only must the Americans decipher the mystery of “The Others,” but they must also locate the kidnap victims, which include Electra’s three young children and only granddaughter.

After you’ve read Albacron 4, you must wait for Albacron 5: The Lost Martian Colonies … which is currently in production.

Amnesiac Leo, a human Martian who had crashed landed on Earth, was picked up at sea, and integrated into the new American society. When given the standard Instaratio treatment designed to restore memories, it is discovered that he has metal replacement plates for much of his cranium. The treatment fails. Now, many years later, with the completion of the first starship, a mission to Mars is planned to discover the fate of the lost Martian colonies established over 700 years earlier.


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