Sci-fi Novels


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Albacron: #1 The Heart of the One

First in a Series

If you think an election will lead to the undermining of the greatest democracy on Earth, then you should see what the future could look like 700 years after the last President of the United States was electedwhere it’s George Orwell’s 1984 meets The Hunger Gamesonly without the games. A nightmarish scenario where history has culminated in seven centuries of wealth exploiting poverty! Well—what if poverty fights back?



Leopard Spirit Guide

Leopard Spirit Guide  –  In the 23rd century, two black souls entwine in one girl’s Ascension to womanhood. Regina will soon face the biggest hurdle of her life when she departs for a character-building boot camp. However, Fundy terrorists thwart her transition to adulthood. Placed in bondage, she is rescued by a primitive man only to be captured by human traffickers. Now, Regina must rely on her own resilience and fortitude to survive. A black leopard spirit aids in her greatest moments of stress.


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