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Yankee Maiden: A trilogy about female soldiers in the Civil War – particularly one Union company commander in the summer of 1862.

Yankee Maiden I: Tiger Burning Bright (1862-63)

Samantha Lee enlists in the Army of the Potomac as Union Captain Samuel Lee.


Yankee Maiden II: The Action of the Tiger (1863-65)

Samantha Lee is reinstated as a brigadier general to lead brigades against the South’s cause.


Yankee Maiden III: A Tiger’s Heart (1865-70)

Samantha Lee helps finalize the war and returns to run her plantation where she enters the practice of law to preserve the rights of those who won freedom.


Marilyn Monroe and the Red Panties FableComing of age during the Kennedy Era 1963 (Camelot)


Victorian Newspaper PrincessA female journalist reporting on the Potato Famine in 1846 Ireland. (First in a series)


Like a Feather in a BrookIdentity crises in Jane Austen’s  England. Can an adopted daughter of an English nobleman find her impoverished roots? (1806)


A Spitfire Girl in Queen Victoria’s CourtComing of age in Queen Victoria’s  London while meeting Charles Dickens as he released A Christmas Carol (1843)

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