The Yankee Maiden: A Tiger’s HeartA trilogy about female soldiers in the Civil War – particularly one Union company commander in the summer of 1862

The Yankee Maiden: Tiger Burning Bright (1862-63)

The Yankee Maiden: The Action of the Tiger (1863-65)


Marilyn Monroe and the Red Panties FableComing of age during the Kennedy Era 1963 (Camelot)


The Daring of Miss Annie Adams – A female journalist reporting on the Potato Famine in 1847 Ireland. (First in a series)


Like a Feather in a BrookIdentity crises in Jane Austen’s  England. Can an adopted daughter of an English nobleman find her impoverished roots? (1806)


A Spitfire Girl in Queen Victoria’s CourtComing of age in Queen Victoria’s  London while meeting Charles Dickens as he released A Christmas Carol (1843)

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