Characters of Albacron

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Electra – Main Protagonist


Soon to be eighteen, Electra lives with her two sisters and brother in Bawl Mehr, one of nine Vercundi slave villages under Albacronian rule. The year is 2730, and her people have been enslaved since the world’s ultra-rich took control in 2065.

Unlike most of her fellow Vercundi, she senses that there must be a change in how her people live. She seeks equality but does not know how to obtain it. Her mother died working in Bawl Mehr’s only textile mill, and her father disappeared when she was nine.




Electra’s older sister, twenty-year-old Chara, works in the Textile Mill because the Albacronians decreed that one member from each family must work in the mill twelve hours a day, seven days a week, or the family will be broken up. She is meek and sometimes irresponsible, but she nourishes a loving relationship with her siblings. The family of four siblings maintains a tight bond and refer to themselves as the “Heart of the One.”


Meri Diana


Meri Diana is Electra and Chara’s twelve-year-old sister. Mild-mannered, she is Electra’s favorite sibling, and her little brother’s protector.

Her ambition is to become the village healer when the current one retires.




Deneb is the girls’ younger brother. At ten, he is a risk-taking ball of energy. He maintains a keen sense of humor and can be mischevious at times. Meri Diana is his emotional ‘Rock of Gibraltar.’ Smart, he likes to figure things out on his own. He can often see things that others miss. His favorite expletive is, “Wowowski!”




Nineteen-years-old, Zosma is Electra’s love interest. He has been a friend for her entire life. At the opening of the first book, he wants to marry Electra, but she is aloof. She loves him, but she does not want to make more children for Albacron to rule. Zosma is conservative and accepts his fate as an Albaronian slave. He works in the textile mill receiving raw materials from the Albacronian capital of Adelphy, and loading finished textile products to send back. He lives with his crippled mother, Gemma, and his eleven-year-old sister, Altira.




Alaster is a member of the U-Huree, an underground movement in the Albacronian capital of Adelphy that believes in giving the Vercundi slaves freedom from, and equality with his fellow Albacronians. While seeking lost documents that will prove that the Vercundi were not responsible for destroying twenty-first-century society, he crashes his heliocraft outside Bawl Mehr and is discovered by Electra.




Thalia is also a member of the U-Huree underground. Sixteen, she is the person most responsible for coming to Electra’s aid in her greatest time of need.




Calypso is another member of the U-Huree and Thalia’s best friend. Sixteen, she helps Chara, Electra’s sister while Thalia is helping Electra.


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