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Yankee Maiden: A series about female soldiers in the Civil War – and females trying to get into a man’s profession, namely the law profession.

Yankee Maiden 1: Attorney At Law (1862)

“It’s very difficult for a woman in 1862 to achieve anything beyond motherhood … but not impossible.”

Samantha Lee apprentices to take the Maryland Bar exam to become the first female lawyer. A staunch abolitionist, she is interrupted by the war through the disintegration of her relationship with her pro-slavery, plantation-owning family. She enlists in the Army of the Potomac as Union Captain Samuel Lee.


Yankee Maiden 2: Tiger Burning Bright (1862-63)

“The difference between Hell and war is that Hell is a bit friendlier.”

Samantha Lee trains for and goes to war as Union Captain Samuel Lee, a regimental commander in the Old Line Regiment. Still incognito as Samuel Lee, she is assigned a military case concerning another woman caught impersonating a soldier. The army wants to prosecute the imposter to the fullest extent of military law to discourage other women from doing the same. Sam is chosen to defend the woman. Explosions dominate in the military court as well as on the battlefield.


Yankee Maiden 3: The Action of the Tiger (1863-65)

Samantha Lee, as a brigadier general, leads brigades against the South’s cause. She returns home after the war to try to establish herself as a successful attorney. Her prime directive is to protect the newfound rights of freed slaves.


Marilyn Monroe and the Red Panties FableComing of age during the Kennedy Era 1963 (Camelot)


Victorian Newspaper PrincessA female journalist reporting on the Potato Famine in 1846 Ireland. (First in a series)


Like a Feather in a BrookIdentity crises in Jane Austen’s  England. Can an adopted daughter of an English nobleman find her impoverished roots? (1806)


A Spitfire Girl in Queen Victoria’s CourtComing of age in Queen Victoria’s  London while meeting Charles Dickens as he released A Christmas Carol (1843)

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