Glossary of Terms for Albacron 1

Abem Dinkun: Bastardized name for Abraham Lincoln. Used as an exclamation by the Vercundi.

Academic Alcoves: (Known as AA’s) Cubbyholes built into the aisle walls of the Tabularium (Albacronian library) containing all human knowledge acquired since the Magnus Bellum.

Adelphians: Albacronians who live in the capital city of Adelphy, the only residential city for Albacronians in Albacron known in book 1. (There is another.)

Albacron: A nation-state established in 2065 by the rich elite of North America when the population of the poverty-stricken was reduced to a mere fraction and enslaved.

Albacronian High Council: A group of advisors working for the Superior Albacronian to make it look more democratic.

Albacronian Long-Range Rifle Rod (L-Tripple R): A three-foot-long, barreled, more powerful Albacronian rod and able to shoot from a greater distance. Other than being able to cancel out the short-range rod’s ability to mask thermal detection, the weapon is non-versatile.

Albacronian Short-Range Multi-Purpose Rod (The ASRMPR): An electronic Albacronian Swiss Army Knife, called ‘rods’ for short. They can perform the functions of weapon, flashlight, heater, cloak of silence (projects an invisible field that blocks all covert surveillance and makes the body heat of those encompassed in it undetectable). It’s seven inches long, silver-colored, and an inch in diameter. A black cap on one end is turned like a dial to change modes. Depressing it makes it fire a beam out the other end. It is worn in a sheath strapped to the right leg. It can go without charging for thirty days.

Functions: White light = disintegrate or kill (can be set to stun)

Golden light (wide beam) = Make people unconscious

White light = Flashlight

Alarm = Alert when tracking mechanisms invade.

Shield and Block = Invisible ray. Blocks probing.

Three prongs protrude: Becomes a limited space heater.

Four prongs protrude: Cloak of silence (anti-surveillance and body heat detection)

Aljorian Ale: An Albacronian hot drink that smells pungent like rotting fruit.

Ambient Ionic Field: A surveillance field that can record conversations from a great distance. The ‘Cloak of Silence’ function of the Albacronian Short-Range Multi-Purpose Rod renders it ineffective.

Anti-inertia Filter: Cancels out inertia when a craft is jolted to a stop or suddenly turns.

Arena Observation Stadium: A room six-hundred-feet square where Albacronians observe the Vercundi Arena Games.

Bawl Mehr: Vercundi bastardized name for Baltimore. One of the nine Vercundi slave villages under Albacronian control. Home of the main protagonist, Electra; her siblings; and Zosma, her love interest.

Beaton: Vercundi bastardized name for Bean Town (Boston). One of the nine Vercundi slave villages under Albacronian control.

Bullet Tube: Underground train connecting the mayors’ village mansions to their chalets in the Appalachian Mountains.

Cho Bee: Vercundi bastardized name for Okeechobee. One of the nine Vercundi slave villages under Albacronian control.

Cleaning Room: A bathroom inside a private condo built by Albacronians in Adelphy strictly for use by Vercundi Vustee (slaves).

Cleaning Station: A single workstation in the Data Room that is solely dedicated to erasing the memories of Vercundi who have violated the perimeter fence twice and received the ‘Crystal of Shame.’

Cloak of Silence: A mode induced by an Albacronian rod that creates an invisible field through which clandestine listening devices cannot penetrate.

Crystal of Shame: With six, flat sides, the brownish-red crystal terminates in a point on one end and a silver cap with a big loop on the other. A string passes through the loop. It is awarded to second-time perimeter violators.

Data Room: The room in the mayor’s mansion where all the data records are stored. One station is set up for wiping away the memories of reprimanded Vercundi of their visits.

Dead Room: A building in the village square where dead Vercundi are processed.

Docking Bay: An air-tight room where Heliocraft are parked. On departing, the room filled with water and opened to the Delaware River.

Docking Station: Where Albacronians go to borrow Heliocraft. There are several up and down the Delaware River in Adelphy built into both banks below the water level.

Ethereal Receiver [ER]: Receives the Superior Albacronian’s nightly ‘Nurturing’ broadcast. It cannot be used as a sending device.

Ethereal Transceiver [ET]: It sends and receives text, voice, and visual messages.

Flavulite Crystals: Glowing a flaming blue, they are manufactured in Lily Lock. They are made by embedding many clear, miniature feldspar crystals inside translucent-blue sapphire.

Food Distribution Center: A building in the village square where Vercundi go to retrieve their daily food rations.

Fore Wert: Vercundi bastardized name for the Fort Worth. One of the nine Vercundi slave villages under Albacronian control.

Glow-stick: A light source in the form of a short, flexible rod. Once bent, it glows. Straightened again, and the light goes out.

Heliocruiser: Called cruisers, they are Albacronian patrol craft consisting of an open circular platform about 10 feet in diameter and are capable of speeds up to the 70 mph. It can carry five passengers plus the pilot. Their chief function is to patrol the perimeter fences around the Vercundi villages.

Heliocraft: Albacronian civilian flying/hovering machines capable of speeds up to 600 mph. It is a saucer-shaped object twenty-five feet high and fifty feet in diameter. Pilot and passengers enter the heliocraft through a vanishing door that reveals a space large enough to walk into for six feet. Glowing rungs in a ladder leading up to the entrance fifteen feet above. The inside of the saucer-shaped heliocraft consists of two main spaces. The largest in the center consists of an oval, glass plate in the room’s center splashing greenish light upward. A panel sits on the right side filled with flashing lights angled upward and away. Many compartments fill the wall on the left side. A smaller compartment opens in the floor to reveal a water-tight room for swimmers to exit while the craft is submerged. The smaller piloting space opposite the tail structure connects to the central room by way of a narrow passageway. Four chairs, with a gap between the middle two, face a black, glass plate lying flat on the console. The counter arcs gently outward so each passenger can see the others. A black, navigational control stick juts out at an angle from beneath the glass plate.

Holographic Guidance System: The navigation system for an Albacronian heliocraft. It is controlled by a stick jutting out from the console between the two piloting chairs. The stick has a soft, plastic sheath that is removable.

Home-to-Roost Chamber: A little room that acts as a microwave to turn a three-time Vercundi perimeter violator into ashes.

IHET: In-House Ethereal Transceiver. A two-way Vercundi communication device used to converse with the Supreme Mayor. Twelve inches high, it makes a splashing sound when it springs to life and glows with a greenish fog between two concave disks. A black button on its silver base turns it on causing the greenish mist to morph into an image of who’s communicating.

Incu-baby: All Albacronian children are incubated in mechanical wombs.

Interregnum, The: The period after the Magnus Bellum, spanning 20 years (2045-2065) when the rich, white race ethnically cleansed the population in America and eliminated 99% of the non-rich whites who survived the 2041-45 world war.

Juju Juice: An Albacronian mixed drink that smells citrusy.

Kal Ver Cliffs: Vercundi bastardized name for the Chesapeake Bay’s Calvert Cliffs on which the Bawl Mehr Vercundi village sits.

Kon Stootin: Vercundi bastardized name for the Constitution. Their legends included a character by the same name.

Lanta: Vercundi bastardized name for Atlanta. One of the nine Vercundi slave villages under Albacronian control.

Lift Symbol: A gold, outlined symbol, standing for elevator consists of a gold rectangle surrounding two, back-to-back arrows, one pointing up and one pointing down. A hand hovering close to the chest-high symbol causes part of the wall to slide aside into itself uncovering a tiny, windowless room (the lift).

Lily Lock: Vercundi bastardized name for Little Rock. One of the nine Vercundi slave villages under Albacronian control.

Magnus Bellum: 2041-2045. After the last president (Donald Trump) took over the economy and handed the empire to his children, the world’s poor rose up in opposition and were mostly wiped out in this war and the genocides that followed.

Mayor’s Mansion: Surrounded by six, tall spires, it is the main building in the village square. It serves as the village administration center with the Supreme Mayor at its head. Workers are privileged to live in the six-sided, six-story building. It is where Vercundi couples go to be officially married, and where perimeter fence violators are reprimanded.

Mate-Friend: Albacronian boy or girl sex partner pairing up only for lustful pleasure. Love is never a factor with Albacronians.

Nanobots: Tiny robots containing the personal information of Albacronians. They are stored as a colony in their right wrists and are used to ‘check out’ things such as a heliocraft.

Nano-communibots: Nanobots whose sole function is for communication, transferring information to and from another Albacronian wrist implant.

Nork: Vercundi bastardized name for New York. One of the nine Vercundi slave villages under Albacronian control.

Paddoma River: Vercundi bastardized name for the Potomac River.

Post Bellum: The era after the Magnus Bellum (2041-2045) when the very wealthy (Albacronians) ruled the very poor (Vercundi).

Prudentia Scientifica Sphere: Four-inches in diameter. Grayish, metallic-looking indentations and cavities pockmark its surface. Tiny chunks of metal border many of the cavities. All the world’s knowledge up to 2044 was compiled and put under the management by a single hologram character.

Prudentia Scientifica Sphere Pyramid: The three-sided, eight-inch-in-diameter (at the base) housing in which the globe is stored.

Pu-Aire: A male Vustee. They are dressed in the same thin, silky material as the Pu-Ellas, only pastel blue in color. They wear no shirts, only sleeveless vests that show off their physiques. The puffy pants end just above the ankle.

Pu-Ella: A female Vustee. They are dressed in a pink outfit … puffed, silky pant legs to just above the knee with a vest that hangs open over a half-sleeved top spewing bountiful cleavage … all of it loose-fitting, silky, and pastel pink in color.

Quintessabytes: The highest unit of data size for teddies and other data storage devices.

Roon Oak: Vercundi bastardized name for Roanoke. One of the nine Vercundi slave villages under Albacronian control.

Ruins of Truth: A Vercundi legend that tells of a crumbling, uninhabited city in which houses documents that can help free the Vercundi from slavery.

Servustis: An open market of Vercundi Vustee slaves for selection by Albacronians.

Sphere: (See Prudentia Scientifica Sphere)

Steal ’N Null: An Albacronian card game.

Supply Building: A building in the village square where Vercundi go to get household supplies and cloth (for making clothing).

Tabloid Electronic Devices (aka teddies): They are personal electronic tablets first used by the Albacronians of Adelphy in the days of Albacron (pre-2730).

Tabularium: Albacronian library containing all accumulated knowledge of the human race.

Tele-ethereal: A form of text communication.

Textile Mill: The one and only occupation of Bawl Mehr village. It is a nine-hundred-foot-long, single-story building. Clothing is made by the Vercundi and shipped to the Albacronian capital. One member of every family must work there twelve hours a day, seven days a week.

Troyt: Vercundi bastardized name for Detroit. One of the nine Vercundi slave villages under Albacronian control.

U-Huree: An Underground group of Albacronians who favor equality for the Vercundi (twenty-eighth-century abolitionists). There are about 1,000 of them out of a population of 40,000.

Underwater Traffic Air Tube (UTAT): An air-filled tube for traveling across the Delaware River underwater in heliocraft.

Vercundi: The peasant slaves living under the thumb of the wealthy Albacronians.

Vercundi Arena Games: A reality show in Adelphy. Vercundi slaves were made to do ridiculous tasks where they were doomed to fail and make fools of themselves for the entertainment of Albacronian audiences.

Wash Building: A building in the village square where Vercundi go to wash their bodies once a week.

Wealth Institute of Corporate Economic Distribution (WICED): Once the rich seized control of the American government after 2020, the world economy was run from here. Wealth was distributed only to the wealthy of the world. It was built on the Washington Mall and completed in 2025.

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