Bits of Wisdom


If you look through a veneer of greed, many enemies will stare back.

Once a greedy man achieves abundance, he seeks over-abundance.

We must nurture hope. Without it, we’re all doomed.

Happiness does not spring from a fountain of wealth, nor does wealth automatically create a pleasant disposition. The disposition of a rich man is usually filled with the misery of Hell.

From victory comes death. Why does it always have to be so?

The greatest way to lose prosperity is through complacent ignorance.

The bad behavior of a government increases in proportion to the dumbing down of the electorate.

Poverty tends to make thieves out of the best of us.

If you weave your own cloth, you must wear it.

In the world before the Great War, three kinds of people existed: the elite, the average, and the downtrodden. It was always the ambition of the elite to become more elite. The average sought to change places with the elite. The downtrodden wanted to destroy the social strata so everyone would be the same, equal and poor. All we need to know of history is that the elite have achieved their goals, the average have been obliterated, and the downtrodden have been saddled with too much poverty to think of anything else.

Caution is not near as blind as assurance.

Power gives birth to the ultimate greed.

Once a person turns to greed, nothing is enough. Wealth continually seeks more wealth.

Complacency … the vanguard of failure.

Only the selfish crave power.

Narcissism is a crown not fit to be worn.

‘Knowledge is power.’ Use it wisely, and you will be a great leader; but use it for personal advantage, and you will become everyone’s enemy.

Narcissism leads to stagnation.

Arrogance never keeps company with invulnerability.

A dictator often loses his faculties when he realizes his power has evaporated.

Albacron 3: The Guardians of Justice

Graphic Copyright Dakota Orlando; drawn by guillermospada, Click on name to see the Fiverr account.

How do you build a family from tattered disaster? Like a love quilt, piece it together one heart at a time.

Freedom is never easy to achieve and extremely difficult to maintain.

Nothing is more detrimental to human dignity than ignorance. It blinds a person to their own foolhardiness.

Every state is innocent in its own judgment, yet only the righteous can own justice.

Closing the window of the mind keeps out the breeze of reason.

When a political entity is downtrodden, there usually is a hideous evil that is willing to step forward and say, ‘Let me help you make your society great for everyone’ … which is always code for, ‘Let me assume ultimate power and subjugate the rest of you.’

It seems to be humanity’s fate to constantly relearn the lessons forgotten.

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