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Albacron is coming, and Donald Trump is hastening its creation.

Before the election of Donald J. Trump on November 8, 2016, we were all cozied-up inside a false blanket of security—the security that our democracy was forever safe. We saw it as a Rock of Gibraltar. Everything changed after January 20, 2017, when Trump took office. We realized very quickly that the actions of our leaders, and in particular the President of the United States, were guided not only by laws, but by rules, protocol, and traditions not written into law. Donald Trump’s election led to the frightening realization that our democracy is a lot more fragile than we realized. We had no idea the Rock of Gibraltar was riddled with immense fissures.

Enter the administration of narcissist Donald J. Trump. He disregarded rules, protocol, and traditions and introduced chaos in their place. As uncomfortable as it made most Americans, we came to the frightening realization over the first two years of his administration that he had no regard for the law either. His administration was going to be all about him—all for one, and one for himself. “But we have the checks and balances among the three branches of government,” some of us iterated. We painfully discovered that checks and balances only work if the branches of government are willing to exercise them.

At the beginning of the Trump Presidency, only the judicial system stood between Donald Trump and complete control of the government. Judges threw out his attempts to demean and deface the Constitution while Republicans, in control of both houses of Congress, relinquished their checks and balances, rolled over, and exposed their underbellies to Donald Trump’s slaughter-approach to governing. It became clear within the first twelve months that Donald Trump wanted to be King and rule the United States for life.

With his greed for money and power, it looked as if he would hasten to place all power in the hands of the wealthy, an outcome the world was already edging toward but at a much slower pace. Where will it all lead? It will lead to a world where only a wealthy few control everything while the rest of us scratch the earth for scraps in servitude to the ruling class—a world in which a dictatorial, political entity controls everything and everyone for the benefit of a few—the world that may still happen even if Donald Trump falls from power—a world culminating in the creation of Albacron.

So, what can be done to shore up our democracy?

  1. Write all rules, protocols, and traditions into law.

  2. Get rid of the party system. Force all members of Congress to represent their geographical areas of responsibility.

  3. Limit terms in office, so there is no such thing as a career politician.

  4. Pass a law forcing all candidates to show the last ten years of tax returns.

  5. Remove money from politics. No more campaign financing from individuals, small companies, or corporations. If necessary, fund limited campaigns through the government.

  6. Shorten the campaign season to no more than six months (three for primary, three for general).

  7. Make the Department of Justice independent of the executive branch in every way. Maybe make it a fourth branch of government, co-equal with the others.

  8. Sever the FBI and CIA from the executive branch. Make them independent entities.

  9. Pass a law making it possible for a sitting president to be indicted and prosecuted while in office. While under indictment, the President must relinquish his powers to the Vice President. A successful prosecution can effectively remove him from office without impeachment, and if found guilty, the President should go to prison without benefit of a pardon.

  10. Pass a law making it impossible for a President to self-pardon.

  11. Pass a law to make pardons subject to congressional approval.

  12. Change the Constitution to omit the electoral college.

  13. Pass a law forcing presidential national emergency declaration to be subject to congressional approval.

  14. Limit the number of executive orders a President can invoke per year. Make the number low.

  15. If a bill makes it through committee, no one should be able to stop it from getting a floor vote.

  16. If a Supreme Court Justice vacancy occurs, the President should nominate, and the Congress should approve or disapprove NO MATTER HOW MUCH TIME IS LEFT IN THE PRESIDENT’S TERM.

  17. Pass a law that vacant federal judgeships MUST be filled within sixty days.

  18. Pass a law that Presidents must divest themselves of all assets before taking office.

  19. Make conflict of interest against the law.

  20. Make nepotism illegal.

This novel is a warning. Stop this madness in its tracks now, or say hello to a belated 1984.

Eugene Dakota Orlando

June 8, 2019

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